Thursday, May 31, 2012

Linky Party!

Summer break is underway, which means I have a lot more time for my much neglected loves, such as blogging and reading blogs. One of the things I stumbled upon today was a Summer Reading Linky Party.  How perfect, considering I have been trying to figure out what should be on my list this year! Not only that, but as I am seriously thinking about my list so that I can write this, a co-worker asked the same question on my facebook wall.

Professional Reading List:

This book just arrived in my mailbox!  Super excited to get started on it.

I need to finish reading this book:

I want to re-read this book:

I just ordered this book:

Personal Reading List:

I have been saving this one for the plane ride to my mom's house.

I've heard great things about these series:

And of course everyone is talking about these books...

Link up and share what you plan to read this summer!