Sunday, July 10, 2011

Back to School Shopping!

It feels like summer barely got started and now we are having to already gear up for Back to School.  The best part of that (in my opinion) is school supply shopping!  The sales have already started and I was out there grabbing deals!!  I found lots of great things in addition to the normal crayons, glue, scissors supplies.

Staples is notorious for their penny deals.  This week they had 3- cap erasers, glue bottles, and Bic pens.  They allow teachers to buy a class set of 25.  I got 25 cap erasers, 10 glue bottles (I prefer the glue sticks, but sometimes the bottle glue is needed.), and 10 of the Bic pens.

They had some 25cent deals as well- poly folders, reams of paper (after rebate), Bic mechanical pencils, and slider pencil cases.

They also had 2 packs of scissors, 5 packs of Sharpies, and shaped post-it notes for $1.  There were other things too, but these are the ones I got.

I had to go to 2 Staples to get enough of each color of the scissors (is this an OCD teacher thing?!).  The second store wouldn't let me get extras of them, so good thing I only needed the 2 packages.  I am not sure if the first store manager was just generous/nice or clueless, but I was pleased with her!

I also got Mr. Sketch markers.  I LOVE these for writing on chart paper.

I found these cute Star Student pencils for only $1 each.

CVS has 2 pocket folders 10/$1.  The limit is 10, so that is how many I got.  (I am going to need a lot more, but I am hoping that Staples will have them for $0.01 next week.)  They also have $1.99 Sharpies (I got the big fat ones!) and Expo 4 packs.  After pricing them at WalMart and Target, I discovered that is a deal and will have to go back to pick some up!

Walgreens had a few things I needed for William's supply list- Ticonderoga pencils 10pk for $0.99.  I LOVE this brand of pencils.  Why can't they be cheaper?!  Anyway, I bought 1 for his list.  Also, a pair of Fiskars scissors (wow, they were brand specific on the list.  smh) were $0.99.

Wal-Mart has a lot of supplies out as well.  I went there first to get prices on stuff to know if it was a good deal or not.  LOL

I got crates to use under student tables for supplies and one smaller crate called a locker crate.

They had some cute Star themed teacher products that I grabbed.

I bought the giant glue sticks instead of the small ones.

The list of supplies I need is getting smaller!  :)

Check out my trip to Target Dollar Spot to see more Back to School Shopping.

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  1. I went to Wally World for prices last year. I drug around a list of prices for a month to compare. Suppose I need to get on that again. I'm so not ready for this!