Monday, July 18, 2011

Vista Print FREEbies!

Vista Print has a LOT of FREE items right now.  There is also a link you can use to get FREE shipping when you spend $1 or more.  I added all FREE items and then changed the ink on the stamp to be red for $1.49 in order to get FREE shipping!

Here's what I got:

3 sets (140 labels each)
4 pens
business cards (250)
business cards - 3 sets of 250 for 750 total

Car door magnets - I hope they aren't too big to use on a fridge!

3 mouse pads

2 of this mug

1 of this mug

1 T-shirt.  It only worked on the order I didn't have a mug, so there might be a one or the other on those items.  If I had figured it out sooner, I would have picked the shirt!

4 stamps

3 sticky note pads

3 totes like this

1 tote like this

Use these links to find the FREE items.  Add them to your card and then click the FREE shipping.  To order multiples, wait a few minutes for your order to process and then click 'Reorder'.  You can edit the items before ordering again if you like.

Photo Flip Book (I didn't do this one)
FREE shipping (do this last!  make sure you have upgraded the stamp to red ink)

I know some teachers make an order and then reorder enough for all of their students.  At $1.49 each, that's a pretty good deal!  You can divide the items up for different events - welcome back, Christmas, etc.

Happy Shopping!

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